our worth

*the quality. * mastery. * Excellence. * Credibility. *honesty. * the speed. *Easy handling. * Respect.


We are not new to the moment. Years of experience since 2003  in the field of cars and spare parts.

And through this experience and our confidence and pride in what we have provided and in an effort to give our experience and benefit from it to everyone who needs it, AlSAPIA

Alsapia Company was established in the year 2016 .

Let us become your ideal choice and expert in the automotive world.

The Seven Treasures Company is in your hands. We are a service company that specializes in importing cars and providing all their spare parts and German oils of high quality.

Our goals

  1. Facilitate your car acquisition with ease.
  2. Providing a comfortable life and facilitating all car acquisition procedures.
  3. Facilitate access to the best and original, unadulterated products for all customers.
  4. Facilitating car import procedures in the European Union.
  5. Opening job opportunities for young people, facilitating the opening of their car project, and providing all the spare parts they need for cars and engine oils.
  6.   6- Providing all car brands in the local market.

Our vision

  1. We aspire to be the pioneers in the field of importing cars and spare parts.
  2. We aspire for every citizen to obtain his goal and the car he desires without hardship and with ease.
  3. We strive to provide the best and establish strong relationships full of credibility and transparency with our customers and major companies.

We deal with companies - our partners